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I am sure like many others I have nights where I just cannot sleep usually a couple of nights a month. So one night I went on ebay to see how my few things I had on were doing not much had changed so I started to look at other sellers things that were like mine. I spent the next three hours looking on ebay at so many things I either had sold was thinking of selling or was selling and more I learnt so many tips from other sellers I have learnt more on ebay on these sleepless nights than I have ever learnt in any book or on line..It is amazing the tips you get on selling buying presentation the works and you dont have to copy any one you can produce your own style of selling, there are some very amazing people on ebay and I have emailed people and asked questions and  have always received good helpful friendly answers.By knowing alot more about what you are selling or indeed buying you can answer questions confidently and truthfully and if you dont know then of course always be honest  some one on ebay will know and probably email you and give you the answer, it also gives you confidence to ask questions about the things you are wanting to buy. I have learnt about antiques fabrics china glass designers and much more , I guarantee you will learn something new every time and it  is also a good time to read through all ebays very handy tips on buying selling paypal etc and all the rules and regulations that go with ebay you will be surprised how it will help. So next time you cant sleep or fancy a good read then go on ebay and learn from the experts and soon you will be one yourself. Tiamo7

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