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My names Tom, i run the on eBay.

The goods i sell are discounted from normal stores by up to 50%? why? because thats the only reason i find people buy from me anymore.  If its not cheap then i aint buying it?  do you feel this is true, i'd like to hear from you please CLICK HERE, especially if your another seller and feel the same.  The culture of ebay now is that most buyers will only search eBay for a particular item cheaper, and although this is good, competition is so high in the marketplace now that prices are just being driven down and down.  iPods for example....£219 for a 30GB iPod - come on ebay you can get them for £160, its quite extortionate! thats a £60 saving!  looking at it from my (seller) perspective it can be frustrating having to lower prices to remain competitive but from the buyers point of view it must be a paradise to save so much money off highstreet prices.

While your here -- Got an iPod/MP3 player and need some new headphones - check out my OYOYO BLUE headphones - $49.99 - now only £0.99p NO RESERVE - cheers!


Powerseller and Entrepreneur!



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