ISC NRL Eels-Manly-Raiders-Rabbitohs Jerseys Beware

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G'day folks.

Beware when spending your hard earned money on your new 2010 ISC rugby league jersey!

It has come to the attention of the National sales manager of ISC Australia that current issue 2010 NRL rugby league Jerseys by ISC are being sold on ebay UK for 45 GBP or approx $75 AUD, this cannot be the case if these jerseys are genuine/authentic ISC jerseys!

As a guide, for a seller to purchase these items wholesale from ISC does cost AUD $90 + GST tax, minimum, on top of that you have import or VAT tax in the U.K., + ebay fees, so the real cost of a current 2010 jersey is between $110-120 AUD = 67-73.. GBP.

The current RRP of  ISC 2010 jerseys is $160 or 98 GBP, so you are not buying a brand new Authentic 2010 ISC rugby league jersey for 45 pounds, always remember, you get what you pay for!

Visit ISC Australia for current stocklists & prices.

Stay safe, shop hard, but shop authentic & help protect the rights of the manufacturer & your favourite players that wear these jerseys week in week out!
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