Ibanez Electro-Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

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Ibanez Electro-Acoustic Guitar Buying Guide

Guitars are generally referred to under several distinct categories, each with their own features and uses; these are acoustic, electro-acoustic and electric guitars. The type of music that a musician or band plays will dictate which guitar is generally most suitable for them. Rock music, for example, heavily favours the use of electric guitars plugged into an amplifier to produce distorted effects, whereas folk and country music is more commonly associated with the acoustic guitar. Electro-acoustic instruments are often favoured by stage performers playing softer songs as a solo act, as the sound remains similar to an acoustic guitar, but can reach further audiences due to a higher volume when plugged into an amplifier.

Electro-Acoustic Guitars Overview

An acoustic guitar uses an acoustic sound board exclusively in order to transmit the vibrational energy of the guitar strings into the surrounding air, thus producing a sound. Electric guitars, on the other hand, use a variety of features that transfer this energy into electrical impulses that can be passed through an amplifying unit to produce a longer, more distorted sound. Therefore, an electro-acoustic guitar is a combination of the two; an acoustic guitar that carries similar sound-modifying components to an electric guitar.

Extra Features Compared to a Normal Acoustic Guitar

Electro-acoustic guitars are generally fitted with pickups, microphones or transducers. Such devices serve to capture the mechanical vibrations produced by the strings of a guitar before converting them into an electrical impulse or signal that can be amplified. Electric or electro-acoustic guitars are commonly plugged into an amplifier; a large, usually black unit, which amplifies and broadcasts the sound. This has obvious benefits in environments such as live music concerts, when there is a large crowd and the sound needs to travel some distance.

Common Usage

Electro-acoustic guitars are commonly used by musicians in the folk genre, or by classical musicians. This is due to the guitar producing sound like that of an acoustic guitar, but with the ability to amplify and increase the volume without distorting or changing it.

Buying an Ibanez Electro-Acoustic Guitar

Ibanez electro-acoustic guitars can be bought from a range of retailers, both online and offline, including directly from the manufacturer. There are benefits to each method of purchase, just as there are benefits to buying either new or used.

Popular Ibanez Models

Ibanez produce several different ranges of electro-acoustic guitar, which are the AEG range, AEL Jumbo range, Artwood range, AW Series, EW Series, MASA range, Montage range, SAGE range, Talman range and V Series. They also produce a number of electro-acoustic bass guitars. Below are a few examples of these guitar models; this list is not exhaustive, however.


The Ibanez SAGE series of guitars features two distinct body shapes, named dreadnought and jumbo. These guitars are designed as entry-level models for musicians starting out in the industry and, as such, are priced quite affordably.

AW Series

The AW Series is priced a little higher than the SAGE models but still at an affordable price for budding musicians. These guitars use slightly better parts and feature Fishman Sonicore pickups with Ibanez's SST Shape Shifter preamp.

EW Series

Again, these guitars are a little pricier than the AW Series but at a price that is affordable for beginners, especially compared to many of the higher-end guitars that can cost thousands of pounds. This range uses exotically-toned woods in their build, which creates stunning designs. The range also features a left-handed model.

Buying Online

There are advantages and disadvantages to both mediums of purchase. Buying online often carries a cheaper price tag, particularly on auction-style websites. Furthermore, when buying online it is far easier to find a vast array of used models, which can lead to a large reduction in cost; however, on the high street, second-hand guitars are generally found in fewer shops, such as cash-for-item shops and charity stores. Finally, second-hand guitars are generally of better condition when bought online, partly due to the fact that they haven’t been stored or displayed in a shop, but also because the sales are commonly made by like-minded musicians who take care of their instrument’s condition.

Buying Offline

One big advantage of an offline purchase is the ability to examine and hold the instrument; feeling comfortable holding and using the guitar is important. Furthermore, when buying from a high street retailer, customers are able to take their instrument from the store. Online delivery charges can often be expensive, and often the only option may be to collect the instrument from the seller.

Buying New or Buying Used

New models guarantee quality and an instrument that is in pristine quality; however, this also means a higher price tag. Used models are cheaper and great deals can be had, particularly considering that sellers are free to set their own price.
Despite the savings that can be made, it is important to ensure that an instrument is in working order before making a purchase. Pictures are not always the best indication of an item’s quality. Used guitars will also generally need to be tuned when purchased as guitars can become out of tune after extended play. This will require an electric guitar tuner or a musician with the ability to tune and gauge a string’s sound using their ears.

Accessories to Buy with an Ibanez Electro-Acoustic Guitar


Plectrums are small pieces of plastic, rounded at one end, with the other end coming into a point. They are held between the forefinger and thumb and are used to strum the strings of an electric, bass or acoustic guitar, though they are more commonly used with the former two varieties as acoustic guitars often produce better sound when played with the fingers. Plectrums are sold inexpensively and in a wide variety of designs and colours.

Guitar Strap

Guitar straps are made out of several different types of material. It is wise to choose a strap that is made from durable, thick material and feels sturdy so that it will last for some time. If a cheap strap breaks whilst playing, a guitar is likely to suffer fall damage. Materials such as leather are among the best and most durable when it comes to guitar straps.

Guitar Tuner

Although tuned correctly at the time of purchase, guitar strings will need to be tuned regularly after playing sessions. This can be done with the tuning rods; however, it is generally a skill more practiced by advanced guitar players, and beginners should look to purchasing an electronic guitar tuner, which takes the hard work out of the task and tells a player when they have tuned each string to the correct pitch.

Guitar Strings

Eventually, guitar strings may need replacing, though this will generally not be the case until the guitar has been played a great deal. Strings can also snap if a guitar is handled, stored, or transported without proper care. Thus, it can be useful to keep a spare set of guitar strings.

Guitar Carry Case

A sturdy guitar case is essential for anyone that has the intention of transporting their guitar, such as those regularly playing at venues away from their place of residence. However, they are generally useful for storage as this will prevent the risk of scratches and generally keep the instrument dirt and dust-free whilst in the home.

Finding Ibanez Electro-Acoustic Guitars on eBay

Ibanez electro-acoustic guitars can be bought both new and used on the eBay marketplace, which provides a good means by which to obtain an electro-acoustic at a reduced price and often with free delivery. The website is easy to navigate, with common items being broken down into categories and subcategories for ease of use.
Buyers seeking an Ibanez electro-acoustic should begin on the eBay homepage, following the Sports & Leisure category, found on the left-hand side of the website. Placing the cursor over this category will reveal further options; from here, the Musical Instruments category should be chosen. This will produce a plethora of categorised instruments to choose from. Underneath the Guitars category, users can find the electro-acoustic subcategory. It is here that Ibanez electro-acoustic guitars will be listed, providing that the seller has correctly set the listing parameters when creating the sale.


When buying a guitar, an analysis of the intended play style is useful to determine the best model to purchase; this means considering the music that will be played and medium in which the instrument will be used. Different models have different sounds and features. Some accessories are also useful depending on the type of intended play. Band members on a stage would find a guitar strap to be an essential purchase; however, somebody who wishes to play at home may not wish to use a strap if never playing elsewhere or standing up. Ibanez are a well-known manufacturer of high quality guitars and produce a number of models in the electro-acoustic range. Their guitars are of good build quality, but conversely do not cost a huge amount like some other major manufacturers.

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