Iced Coffee Recipes

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Here are some ideas for iced coffee beverages

The Iced Doppio

Brew 2 shots of espresso (60ml) and put them in a shaker. Add two teaspoonfulls sugar, 60 ml condensed milk, and a lot of ice cubes. Shake vigorously and serve with the ice. Enjoy a cool summer coffee beverage!


Alternatively put the 2 shots espresso with the sugar in a glass and use an aerolatte to stir it until it gets dense like cream. Immediately after add some icecubes, and some milk foam if you want and enjoy!

Iced Turkish/Greek Coffee

Prepare 2 cups of Turkish coffee, using 3 teaspoonfulls of ground turkish coffee and 2 teaspoonfulls sugar. Put some iced cubes in a tall glass, and pour the hot coffee on top of the ice. Put a straw and enjoy!

Greek Frappe

Use 1 teaspoonfull instant coffee, 1 teaspoonfull sugar, 100 ml (or a bit less) cold water. Stir them with an aerolatte (a coffee mixer) undil it gets creamy. Add as much cold water and milk as you want. You can also put some iced cubes to help keeping your coffee extra cold. You can also some Bailys or iced cream!!!


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