Ideal items to SELL from Ireland IRISH SELLERS

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Dear Friends,

   I do understand, Ebay-Ireland is upcoming and more competative like other Country ebay websites. I have been closely watching the ebay items on sale in Ireland are enormous and it is increasing in more in demands, the ideal items to sell can include your PENCIL to YOUR CAR,  GLUE to HARDWARES, CHAIR to CLOTHES, DVDS to LAPTOPS. I would welcome suggestions in this topic and critics are most welcome.

  First List down what you don't want and list down the prices for those items. Grab them, make sure you make a good Presentation and then Check for the postal charges and decide what payment methods you prefer and adapt the choices and at the end list your item. Do Multiple shipping discount and special offers which attract more customers.

Eg. Bathroom Units are more demanding in Ireland, with jet showers.

Good Luck

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