Idiots Guide to AC Adaptors / Power Supplies / Power Supply

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An AC Adaptor is basically a Plug whether it be a UK Plug, EU Plug, USA Plug, Australian Plug, whatever.

One end is connected into your Country Socket and the other end goes into what ever Device you are trying to Power / Charge.

Inside the Plug are the GUTS.

These Guts do 2 Things to Idiots.

1. Change AC to DC. Thats a WAVY LINE like this ~ going into the Plug from the Wall called AC (Alternating Current) and a _____------ line comming out of the Plug called DC (Direct Current). Most Power Supplies nowdays are this type. Its also called a Switching Adaptor or AC-DC Adaptor or even Charger.

Older things tend to have Heavier Plugs and these are Transformers, these still convert the AC from the wall into DC but they do it with copper windings and some devices like it.

2. Change AC to AC. Thats a Wavy line ~ from the Wall (as always) to a Wavy line ~ into your Device. Common example of this are 6V AC, 9V AC, 12V AC, 18V AC and 24V AC. All of which we sell here at AC Adaptors R US Ltd.

If you need to know anything else, just call us on 0116 212 2754 Mon-Fri 9am-4pm and we will be happy to help.

We have EVERY Voltage, EVERY Connector Size so nearly every combination under the Sun Covered.

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