If I buy, I expect seller to leave feedback before me!

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I enjoy ebay and I play by the rules - for my benefit and for yours. However, one gripe - folks that are happy to sell and then expect you to leave feedback before them, and even worse, they don't bother to leave feedback at all! I see various excuses - "leave feedback for me so that I know you have received the item" (as if a seller wouldn't soon find out if the item had not been delivered) and "this is my business and all I want is positive feedback" and "too many buyers fail to leave feedback", etc. etc. I too have had bad experiences on ebay but my mantra still remains: IF I SELL TO YOU, I WILL LEAVE FEEDBACK (HOPEFULLY BEFORE YOU) IF I BUY FROM YOU, I WILL NOT LEAVE FEEDBACK UNTIL AFTER YOU HAVE LEFT ME FEEDBACK. If I know in advance that a seller will not leave feedback, I will not do business with them.

I hope we are able to do business to both our benefits; lets make it WIN-WIN.





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