If your goods are not delivered

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Firstly you are directed to the Resolution Centre

Get any idea that EBay Resolution Centre has any justice within it for your claim, it makes decisions based upon lack of evidence and gives outcomes that are totally unjust

Having purchased goods that were not delivered

I followed the appropriate procedures, contacted the Resolution Centre gave them the facts. The seller provided EBay with a proof of delivery, this was taken at face value and not investigated.
I knew I had not received my items so chased Royal Mail who used the tracking number provided by the seller to find out where my parcel was that was alleged to have been delivered.
It turned out that the tracking number was not a referrence to my parcel, it had a difference address and name on it, yes it had been delivered and signed for, but as it was never delivered to me it was not signed for by me; this also being indicated by name on the receipt with the signature. This meant nothing to EBay, it was a proof of delivery, even though it was not to me.

I sent proof to EBay from the Roay Mail

Having given the proof provided to me by Royal Mail to EBay Resolution Centre they said it proved delivery and they could not refund my purchase money for my goods as they had been delivered.
I have chalenged EBay 5 times on their decision, giving proof I have not received the parcel indicated by the seller, have not therefore received my purchases at all and all EBay Resolution Centre is saying is they cannot reverse their decision.


Yes I have tried to contact the seller, I have had no replies at all to any emails sent. The post office say I cannot claim for the non-delivery as it was delivered correctly to the person it was addressed to and that person was not me; that means nothing to EBay either

From the above I hope you never run into the same ignorance and stupidity of the people working in the Resolution Centre that they cannot distinguish that a parcel sent to a person in a different location, with a different name is not proof of delivery to the person who is claiming a lack of receipt of goods and that the seller might just be pulling a fast one and committing fraud...

All I have got from this is being accused of lying by EBay and a loss of £79.99. I am now finishing my trading and will close my account as EBay refuses to accept they have got it wrong and if it does not look after a 100% feedback, 13year standing member, who will it look after?
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