Ignorant sellers

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As being a member of e-bay for some years now i have come across the scammers and as a result it has put me off using it for some time, someone is always trying to get something for nothing!

However its not just buyers that upset me.

I have had a few occassions now where i have brought the item in good faith either by normal bidding means or the buy it now way where the seller has been near down right rude.

How often do you walk in a shop pay for something then walk out without the item?

I have found the bigger culprits to be the ones with the high feedback-or the power sellers.

We all cant be glued to our PC 24 hours a day -but we go to the trouble of listing the item and paying for that pleasure, under the listings we can also stipulate the time we want the item to go up for auction and have a start time and finish time.

I only think it right that if you sell something however long its listed you should check the item at least once every 2 days, not only will you be able to answer questions about the item from potential buyers but you can check to see who has won any items you have listed that have come to an end and personally e-mail the buyer.

By this way you can send an e-mail to the buyer stating when the item will be posted and is a much more personal way other than a machine generated you won now pay up e-mail.

Its just courtesy-but a little goes a long way.

I am fed up with sellers not responding to simple questions after i bought there item-questions like :"please e-mail me when you will post the item"

Answering a simple message like this can put alot of minds at ease, i find it is unacceptable not to have a reply or recieve one 7 days later when the item could be in your lap!

So come on lets play the game both ways and make it a pleasurable experience for all!

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