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Classic television camcorder marketed from 1990 into the late 1990s. A favourite amoungst TV-Stations around the world (BBC and ITV)  It uses the world-wide standard format of Betacam cassettes AKA Betamax. Ikagami are the original portable video camera manufactures from the 1950s hence its name HL-V55 HL means Handy Looker.   Its similar to the Sony BVW-300 and 400 Betacams camcorders. It uses B/W viewfinder as Pro camcorders are manualy operated  because the camera man should know by hart the camera setting instaead of refering to a colour view finder for his camera settings and this builds the machine even the focus is mamual even the long Pay is manualy operated where you have to take out the cassette to produce long-pay and this in turn creates a smaller lighter camcorder by using these highlighted consessions. Dream find for the amueter enthusiast .You will also need a VCR player (Betacam) to play back the cassettes as these machines will only show a B/W image on the viewfinder for review.It is not designed to plug a AV cable into the TV . This is because that there is no need to play direct to TV because a camera-man does not edit the cassette  it is nstead passed over to the TV editor and this in turn saves him a lot of money on having to buy a VCR editor machine .The video-heads are record only and do not have playing heads inside as it was well thought that the Head was not needed and not the camera-mans job to play a colour image onto the TV as he should know by hart that the B/W picture he saw in the viewfinder was as good as image that his editor will see in colour \9Te camera never lies and also the setting). And again creates exclusive part consession and the machine can get past customs officials with the smaller parts inside the machine instead of the camera being siezed by Customs because it was made too small. As you cannot indeed make what ever you want to make.

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