Import Taxes

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Cameras, lenses, video cameras etc etc. If you buy from any of the vast number of Far Eastern Ebay shops, you are very likely to incur UK VAT or similar Import taxes. You will have to pay the courier on delivery otherwise he'll keep the goodies on his van!

DON'T BLAME THE EBAY SHOP . . . . Read the listing carefully, if the item location is Hong Kong or similar then you'll probably have to pay some taxes. Scroll down the listing as most Far Eastern shops will have a paragraph re: Import Duty, where their liability is usually shown as zilch, nothing, not interested, pay it yourself !!!

It may still be cheaper buying this way so don't be put off, just be aware.

Personally, I've never had to pay any duties but there again, I've only bought relatively cheap items like filters or lens hoods. Maybe the VAT man can't be bothered with cheaper items.

It may, in the long run, work out cheaper to buy from a UK seller. It will certainly likely be safer with a quicker delivery time as well.

Happy Ebaying.

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