Important Points To Note About Laptop Batteries

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Points and Questions Buyers should take note of when buying laptop batteries

These are some useful tips and points to note when buyin laptop batteries. However, these may also apply to other devices as well. I have come across this through my line of work and thought it useful for buyers.

  1. New battery not working - Most new batteries are shipped or supplied with very little charge. You will need to charge the battery overnight. It is also recommended that you completely discharge and charge a couple of times for the battery to reach normal working conditions.

  2. Compatible batteries - There are plenty of cheaper options, most are safe. As long as the supplier and manufacturer provide full guarantee and warranty then you can safely buy them. Find out, ask questions to make sure as some only provide limited warranty and guarantee.

  3. Compatible batteries are really cheap - Most manufacturers achieve economies of scale by mass producing and can directly pass the benefits to the end user. Be aware if it is really cheap find out where the battery was manufactured. Laptop batteries contain cells. Cells made in China, currently are very cheap and are unreliable. Avoid these. Japan, Korea and Taiwan produce some of the best cells.

  4. I need a new battery, how do I identify it - You need the make and model of your laptop. If you have the old battery, the part number or model number of the battery, the battery ratings voltage(V) and capacity(mAh). If the supplier still cant find you a battery, try a different supplier.

  5. Got the right battery, but it does not fit - You are sure that you got the right battery and it does not fit. DO NOT FORCE IT IN. You may end up breaking the laptop and causing damage to the battery. Contact the supplier and explain. Quite often some batches may have a slightly different mould and this makes it impossible for the battery to fit in comfortably. Change it for another.

  6. The ratings of my new battery is different - Dont panic. If the voltage (V) value is different then do not use that battery. It may damage the laptop. The capacity of the battery is noted by milli-amp hours (mAh). A higher number denotes a longer running time and a smaller number denotes a shorter running time. Voltage is Very Important.

  7. The colour of the battery is different - Quite often during the manufacturing process colours, shades can change. This not a problem unless part of the battery is exposed when fitted then colour is crucial. Looks are everything.

  8. How should I store my battery - If you are not going to use it for a long time, make sure the battery has about 40 - 50% charge. Store in a cool, very dry environment. Preferably properly sealed or packaged.

  9. My new battery is leaking - If it is a new battery and you just found it when opening the packaging, contact the supplier IMMEDIATELY. Place it back in the packaging and should be returned to the supplier for safe disposal. If it was your old battery or you dropped the battery, then DO NOT USE IT. It may cause serious damage to the laptop and even yourself. Dispose of it carefully, by taking it to a recycling center. Do not throw it with household waste.

  10. Broken latch or fascia panel - Some batteries have a spring latch on them or come with plastic fascia panels. These are an integral part. However, sourcing just these parts are very hard and may prove to be costly. Unfortunately, the easiest solution is to purchase another battery.

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