Imported Diagnostic tools,worth the money???

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You will have no doubt seen a lot of diagnostic tools for sale on Ebay that look very good value for money such as Op Com and Vag Com.However the imported,usually Chinese copies of these tools can actually do more harm than good if used on you vehicles diagnostic socket.
At the very least the software supplied will be long out of date and any glitches or software problems will not have been ironed out.The second problem is no matter how clever the seller is in trying to fool you into thinking they are in the UK the bottom line is these are imported poor quality copies and the back up for these tools just is not there.
Some seller's are clever in adding UK or British in their seller names but if you damage your very expensive ECU what sort of back up do you really think you will get from a seller that has got your money.
The best way to go is to purchase an official tool from an official company.The afore mentioned tools also come with free,yes free updates for life and more importantly to you is the back up that is available.
One such site is Ilexa. Not only will you find a whole range of diagnostic tools for sale but thay also have a great Forum that is free to join. This gives you access to not only DIY mechanics but also on the Forum there are fully trained guy's who have a full understanding of these tools and the cars they are used on.

So before you make that purchase of a cheap looking imported tool,ask yourself is it really worth the few pounds saving over a fully backed official 
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