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Ebay is a really brilliant way of selling online. The options as to what you can sell off Ebay are simply endless. It's a great way of connecting with people nationally and internationally.  When listing an item-there are many different details required from item specifics to description. It is very important to list as much information as possible. Some people tend to omit certain details from item specifics or can be quite vague with the item description.  It's very important to list as much information that you have as possible as people would want to know as much as they want to know off the information provided. Some people would be quite clued on the item as thy would be familiar with it but there are some people that would be researching the item for the first time and would prefer to be as accurate as possible when buying the item for the first time.  If you add as much information as possible,  it will greatly improve the chances of your item being sold! Listing as much information as possible increases the chance of your item being found sooner.  Buyers have a clearer idea of the item for sale and are able to then make an informed decision. 
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