Improving the Profitability of Your Business

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Business and Industrial Items: Improving the Profitability of Your Business

Businesses are always looking for ways to improve their profitability. There are several items that can be purchased to improve the accuracy, efficiency, and organisation within a work environment. Whether it is for a restaurant or a retail outlet, buyers can find several tools to help them to improve the viability of their business.

Begin by deciding which types of items are needed. For example, office equipment and packaging supplies are needed by many businesses. Retail buyers can benefit from choosing advanced tills and point of sale equipment. Consider the types of till features and receipt printers to find the best units. Many signs, banners, and other advertising products can be purchased to bring new customers to a business, as well.

Buyers can find items for business and industrial use from specialist retailers, office supply shops, department stores, and online retailers. Marketplaces like eBay have listings for a high number of products, and can be used to find a diverse range of items. Compare sellers to find the best prices, and choose products to improve the profitability of any business.

Packaging Supplies

Delivery costs can become expensive for companies that regularly send out products to their customers. Purchase professional packaging materials in bulk to save money and to provide a better impression of the company for customers on the receiving end of the delivery. Look for boxes, address labels, envelopes, and postal tubes at low prices.

Signs and Banners

Advertising signs and banners can attract new customers to a business. Large signs can be custom printed with a company logo and text to encourage sales. They can also be printed in varying sizes. This is a great option for alerting shoppers to special offers and sales. Buyers can also invest in pavement signs, also known as sandwich boards. These can be designed to rest outside a retail establishment or to be worn by a person. Text and images can be placed on both sides of the sign for greater marketing opportunities.

Security Systems

Theft can create a substantial financial loss for a business. Therefore, it is important to protect assets as much as possible.

Closed Circuit Television Cameras

Closed circuit television (CCTV) security cameras are an excellent way to deter criminal activity and help to provide evidence when suspects are caught. Cameras can be purchased individually or in sets, so choose the number needed to cover the most important areas inside or outside of a building. Purchase a digital video recorder (DVR) to store footage and connect a monitor for a live feed of the video.

Dummy Television Cameras

Dummy CCTV cameras can also be used as an inexpensive alternative to full security cameras. They are often able to deter criminal activity before it happens. Select dummy cameras that do not swivel and do not have a red light on the front. Real cameras track movement and only have a small green or blue light at the back to indicate that power is on. Swivelling cameras with a bright red light can therefore alert criminals to the fact that the system is a dummy.

Convex Mirrors

Convex mirrors are also valuable purchases, and are significantly less expensive than cameras. When placed properly, these items allow staff in the shop to monitor activity of other people in the area, even if they are out of direct sight.


Tills are one of the most important purchases for a business dealing with multiple face-to-face transactions with customers. There are several types of till available. They differ primarily by the type of keyboard they use. Buyers can choose from touch screens, raised keyboards, and flat keyboards. Select the best one for the type of work being done to improve efficiency and reduce labour costs.

Tills with a Touch Screen

Touch screens are a modern type of till. They can be used effectively in restaurants and bars to place orders and to keep track of customer tabs. They can also be combined with a raised keyboard to become a versatile option for retail environments, such as newsagents. Most touch screens can be switched between several pages to provide options for different user functions. The touch keys can also be programmed and labeled for business specific operations.

Tills with a Flat Keyboard

Flat keyboards are commonly used in restaurants and bars. Their design prevents food and drink from entering the keyboard. Although these can be safer to use and help businesses avoid costly replacements, it is difficult to enter large amounts of data. Depending on the model, the buttons may wear out or become difficult to press over time.

Tills with Raised Keyboards

Tills with raised keyboards are the most basic units available. They do not have the same range of functionality as touch screens, although they tend to be less expensive. They can also be used to enter large amounts of data quickly. Raised keyboards are sometimes sold with a protective plastic sleeve to resist liquid, food, and debris.

Features of Tills

Not all tills are equipped with the same features, so choose products that provide the services needed and help to improve the profitability of the business. The following table lists common features along with a brief description.

Feature of Till


Identification (ID) system

Gives each user an ID code to track activity and sales per operator

Merchant's receipt

Copy of the receipt kept by the retailer

Produced automatically

Discount computation

Calculates a specified amount of discount for sales items or special offers

Standard feature on modern electronic tills

Table tracking

Allows a transaction to remain open so customers can run a tab

Used primarily in bars and restaurants

Interrupt function

Enables staff to initiate a second transaction without ending the first

Especially useful in bars where a single till is used by more than one member of staff


Optional screen can be purchased for some units that faces outward

Allows the customer to see items and their cost as they are scanned

Tills may include other features, as well. Read the specifications sheet for an item to determine which actions it can perform.

Receipt Printers

Receipt printers can be either ink or thermal based. Ink printers can be more expensive, and also require expensive ink cartridge replacements. However, the documents they print last longer. Ink printers can use a roller or ribbon cartridge. Thermal printers use heat to create marks on the receipt. These units can be purchased inexpensively, although the printed paper fades quickly. Most modern receipt printers use thermal technology.

Receipt printers are also designed as either single station or two station units. Single station printers only produce one copy of the receipt. If a copy is needed, it must be requested separately, which can slow down the serving of customers. Instead, look for two station printers that print two receipts quickly at the end of each transaction. Although these units are more expensive, they can pay for themselves with the time they save.

How to Purchase Business and Industrial Items to Improve the Profitability of Your Business on eBay

A wide selection of products for business and industrial use can be purchased from the sellers on eBay. These items are sold primarily by commercial retailers, although it is also possible to find used items on the site sold by private owners. Listings can be navigated by using keywords. For example, enter "touch screen tills" into the search field to see all items tagged with those keywords. Search results can be narrowed by introducing new keywords or by clicking on any of the category links on the page.

Read Item Listings

Click on the name or image of an item to see its full listing. There you can find information about the product, including its condition and price. Read the full description provided by the seller of an item, and compare it with available photographs. Determine if any delivery charges are applied to the final cost of the item and check the seller's accepted forms of payment.

Check Seller Feedback

Check seller profiles to find the most reliable users on eBay. Sellers with a high feedback rating and many completed transactions are normally highly reliable. You may also read comments left by previous buyers and examine the average ratings of the seller's performance.


Businesses can purchase many types of items to help them to improve profitability. For example, look for packaging supplies if products are regularly sent out to customers. Buying bulk quantities can reduce costs significantly. Businesses that deal face-to-face with paying customers can also benefit from tills that match the type of business being conducted. Choose between touch screens, flat keyboards, and raised keyboards to find the most efficient product for a business. There are also several types of additional features that can be found on tills, such as identification codes and table tracking, which is particularly useful for bars and restaurants. Look for POS equipment, such as receipt printers to further improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Items for business and industrial use can be purchased on marketplaces like eBay, which has a high number of listings for new and used items. Businesses can compare prices and features quickly to find the best products. Consider the many types of supplies available and choose the most cost-effective products available to increase the profitability of your business.

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