Impulse Shopping

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When one goes shopping, if you are lucky enough to have any idea of what you like, not, Jean, joan, or who knows who.
Walk through a shopscanning at all the racks but do not stop until something pulls your attention so hard, it's like you have no control. That's a strong potential buy.
touch it , feel the material, if the size is an issue, check for other sizes. By then, you have spent 30 seconds of your precious time making the right decision. At this rate, you should be able to find some nice buys, oh I'd say 24 items  in 30 minutes.

Window shopping is a masochistic thing to do. Why go to look when you haven't got a task to look for or if you fall in love with something you can't have. Just another reminder that things are not financially up to par.. It's like flagging a filet mignon in front of a starving meat eater. If you can't afford to buy it now, don't get it.

  • I usually do these things when I feel I am not appreciated or cared for so someone has to take care of me and that seems to be me! When do you do it?
Just a note to all you impulse buyers out there?
  •      What drives you to it?
  • Are you more likely to go for sale items or in seasonal items.
  • How many items you could find that you would be able to enjoy in 30 minutes?

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