In-Car DVD Players Buying Guide

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In-Car DVD Players Buying Guide

An in-car DVD player is helpful in keeping children and other passengers appeased on long car rides or commutes. In-car DVD players are ideal for families with children, but also provide entertainment for any vehicle passenger, regardless of age. In-car DVD players come with three main components: the monitor, the dvd player, and wireless headphones. Wireless headphones allow the DVD to be played in the back of the car, while other music is played in the front, keeping everyone in the car happy.

In-car DVD players are purchased in brick and mortar electronic stores, or online using eBay. Since in-car DVD players may get expensive, eBay offers many types of in-car DVD players, often times lower than retail price. Before making a purchase, it is important to understand the different types of in-car DVD players, and the additional features available, to find a DVD player that fits within the buyer's needs and budget.

Types of In-Car DVD Players

When purchasing a in-car DVD player, components are purchased together in a bundle or separately by piece. Understanding the different types of in-car DVD players makes it easy for the buyer to come to a logical decision.

Car Roof Flip-Down DVD Players

Car roof flip-down DVD players are located in the centre of the ceiling directly behind the front seats. Flip down DVD players are flipped down during use, and folded up and closed when they are not in use. Since it is located in the centre of the ceiling, it is convenient for everyone in the back of the car to see from any seat. Most flip-down DVD players come with a speaker sound system and headphone jacks, and many systems are also compatible with wireless headphones for passengers in the third row seat. Monitors vary in size, and are usually between 18 cm and 50 cm. These types of in-car DVD players are best with families with small children, since it is easily visible from the backseat and is one of the most permanent in-car DVD options.

Headrest DVD Players

Headrest DVD players are DVD players built into the back of the driver or passenger seat headrest. Some models feature monitors that flip out for the user to insert the DVD into the screen, while others must be inserted into the separate DVD player. Installation for headrest DVD players is not a simple task, and many must be professionally installed.

While headrest DVD players are great for those sitting directly behind the screen, it is not as easy for other passengers in the car to see. In vehicles with three rows of seats, the passengers in the third row may not be able to see the screen. In addition, the screen is not covered when the DVD player is not in use, leaving it susceptible to potential damage or theft.

In-Dash DVD Players

In-dash DVD players are located on the vehicle's dashboard, usually in the centre of the counsel. Most in-dash DVD players must be installed by adding an additional box into the dashboard. In-dash DVD players are one of the more difficult in-car DVD players to install, and some people prefer to have them installed professionally.

In-dash DVD players are ideal for cars with a small backseat, since other in-car DVD players would be hard to see in a tight space. Some options come with GPS options so the player is used for DVDs or navigation. The downside to in-dash DVD players is that they may be distracting to the driver, but there are in-dash DVD players available that tilt away from the driver so they cannot see the screen while driving.

Rearview Mirror DVD Players

Rearview mirror DVD players are DVD players that are installed into the vehicle's rearview mirror. There are two different types of rearview mirror DVD players. The first type of rearview mirror DVD players simply attach to the car's current rearview mirror, while the second type includes a new rearview mirror that is half mirror and half screen.

Rearview mirror DVD players with new mirrors are more time consuming to install, but when powered off, only the mirror is visible. Like in-dash DVD players, rearview mirror DVD players may be distracting to the driver. In addition, rearview mirror DVD players are generally smaller and harder for passengers to see from the back seat.

In-Car DVD Player Features

While all in-car DVD players play DVDs, some offer additional features for the driver as well. Before making a purchase, it is important to understand the different features available.

Audio Options

Some in-car DVD players have an additional audio feature so the driver is able to play music from the device. Many options feature a compact disk player feature, which plays compact discs. Newer models may include an iPod dock or cord to play music from an iPod or MP3 player. Many options also contain an AM/FM radio option as well.

Wireless Capability

Choosing an in-car DVD player with wireless capability allows the system to connect with wireless headphones. Wireless headphones are convenient for both the driver and the passengers. They allow passengers who are not seated near the DVD player to listen with headphones. Wireless headphones also allow some passengers to enjoy a movie without everyone in the car hearing the soundtrack. Many in-car DVD players are separate from the car sound system, allowing passengers without headphones to be able to listen to music while the movie is playing.


In-car DVD players that are located on the dash or in the rear view mirror often times come equipped with navigation and GPS options. In-car DVD players located in the back of the car usually do not have this option since the driver cannot see the screen. Purchasing an in-car DVD player with navigation features saves the driver from having to purchase an additional GPS system for their car.

Remote Control

Many in-car DVD players come with a remote control so the DVD player can be controlled from anywhere in the vehicle. Also, remote controls make it easy for passengers to control the counsel so the driver is able to focus on the road. Many remote controls are easy to replace if lost or broken, and are found by searching the specific in-car DVD model and manufacturer on eBay.

Determine a Budget

A pre-installed DVD system in a new car is typically the most expensive option for an in-car DVD player. For this reason, many people prefer to purchase in-car DVD players, and install them into their car themselves, or with the help of a professional. It is important to follow instructions when installing the system since systems that are improperly installed could be hazardous to the passengers.

Professional installation is a safer option but may cost more. Before making a decision on an in-car DVD player, it is important to first set a budget. If the system needs to be professionally installed, it is important to factor that into the budget before making a purchase. Large monitors, surround sound, and additional features drive up the price of in-car DVD players, so it is important to determine which factors are the most important.

Finding the Right Seller on eBay

Since in-car DVD players are a higher ticket item, you can review the detailed seller reviews to ensure you are purchasing from a reputable seller. eBay's Top-Rated Sellers are the most trusted sellers on eBay, ensuring your transaction goes smoothly. eBay also makes it easy to stay within your budget by allowing you to set a price maximum. By entering your maximum price, you do not have to waste time by searching through options that are outside of your price range.


In-car DVD players are great for keeping kids entertained and quiet in the car, and come equipped with other features such as wireless headphones, or navigation for the driver. Not only do in-car DVD players keep the children occupied so the driver is able to concentrate on the road, they keep the children from irritating each other on long drives. In-dash and rearview mirror DVD players have additional perks for the driver, but are usually harder to see from the back seat. With the many options available for in-car DVD players, it is easy to find an option to meet everyone's needs.

Purchasing an in-car DVD player from a manufacturer is usually done at an overpriced rate, therefore many people choose to purchase in-car DVD players separate from the car. If the DVD player is difficult to install, professional installation is available to ensure the player is installed correctly into the vehicle. With the help of eBay, buyers are able to find a DVD player, equipped with any features they are looking for, while staying within their budget.

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