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Ihave read your text. I am such a novice to Ebaybut although scratcy you state some really good facts which to me make you appear very honest, clear thinking and my sort of person. I will support you but I might not be very competant. I wish yopu every good piece of good fortune in your crusade, although as a very new member, I feel that, under the cicumstances that you will fight a  desparate battle. Why don't you build up a client base of possible people over time,you cannot lose anything because if that person does'nt want it then put it on Ebay. I don't sell on Ebay but I gather it is a really cost prohibited buisness. On a client base, as a buyer, I have been offered some tasty items. Sorry. I am with you .I don't want you to think that you are in the  wildernesil. On this basis, if you have anything tasty ring me on 01508531550
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