In space, no one will hear you weep. ----- DEAD SPACE

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Wow, where do I start....this game is a totally unique, mixing quality graphics with a captivating story line, and edge of your seat scares, taking you back to your childhood. (anyone remember the Thing on ps2? Getting chased around an abandoned base in a Arctic wilderness, had some thrill moments, but dodgy camera, and average graphics never let you submerge into the environment properly, but this game is the real deal!)
The many upgrades send you scampering down corridors that don't need exploring, just on the off chance you'll find that shiny little key to making your weapon a bit more powerful, or your suit more durable. EA have done themselves proud, this will go down as one of the most atmospheric survival horror games on the next generation consoles, a true classic already.
I won't give anymore away, but this is a must have game, even if you only play racing games, or use singstar mic's, have a walk in Isaacs boots.....if you dare.
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