Increase Sales

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To make people more interested in your item(s) for sale i have a few tips

1) offer a variety of postal services because some people could prefer to get it straight away and some people don't mind to wait.

2) Know your reaserch, before you list your item reaserch the market and anaylis the popularity and sales of the product

3) Ofer discount in bulk, offer that if they buy more knock off 50p from every other item.

4) constant comunication always keep the buyer updated so they feel asured  and safe whilst they are dealing with you , doing this other ebayers respect you and they will feel safe and they probably will buy from you again or recomend you to other people.

5) Time the importance of time is a virtu the market is always up and down if your item is not sucsessful in the first day don't give up selling it as theres always tommorow when an ebayer could be searching for your item

6) AND FINNALY  keep track of your sales fees as they pile up when you sellloads of itmes

i hope this helps you cheers

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