Increase Your Ebay Sales - Cross Promotion Connections

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If you are looking to increase your Ebay sales and traffic to your Ebay shop listings, then you need to know about Cross Promotion Connections.  Cross promotion connections allow your listings to be advertised alongside other Ebay sellers listings.  Once your items have sold, your Ebay partners listings will be displayed at the bottom of your item.  this allows cross promotion of your items through another Ebay seller.  It increases your shop inventory and other item's exposure and helps to drive sales and traffic to your listings.  This is reciprocal and the same benefits you gain will be gained by your Ebay partner, increasing both your sales as more buyers are able to see your items through another sellers' listings and vice versa.

It is probably best to request cross promotions with sellers you have dealt with postively in the past.  It is also a good idea to request connections from sellers who have completely different items to yours so that there is no competition or conflict, and this will increase your chances of getting accepted as a cross promotion partner.

You can request up to 10 cross promotion connections from other Ebay sellers. 

To find out more about cross promotion connections visit the following Ebay link for instructions of how to start cross promoting your items with other sellers and increasing sales.

Requesting a Cross Promotion Connection



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