Indigo and Crystal children

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Does your child have ADHD/ADD or has recently been diagnosed with Autism ? If so please read this guide to find out the whole truth .

As with everything we and our world are changing , Flowers that where once extinct have started to re-grow,Those who had no paranormal expertiences are not finding they are sensing and seeing more and more things they shouldn't ,those who are sensitive are gaining more psychic powers and so on . Everyone has heard about the global warming epidemic and basically we are sll setting ourselves up for a downfall .

If you are hurt your body 'heals' itself and this process can be painful causing bruises and scabs etc, The same goes for the world -The world that we have destroyed so badly is now trying to 'heal' itself in order to right the wrongs done many countries will see greater natural disasters such as earthquakes,flooding,Snow storms etc ,

This is how the world heals -Overall their will be many deaths caused in the process . During this time we also shall be evolving with each generation born their shall be a newer highly evolved human race -One that has psychic powers,Healing abilities and a greater understanding of mother earth and all of it's creatures ,Their are two categories of the highly evolved humans

The first set being the INDIGO's named after the colour of their aura's . The indigo's are hear to pave the way for a new world -the golden age ,The indigo's are here to break down the goverment barriers and restrictions ,They are hear to fight for the change and pave the way for the second set of evolved humans . Most indigo's where born during the years of 1983-1995 . The charicteristics of an indigo are

Hyper and easily stimulated with things that they are passionate about

They like to fight for what they believe in -This may come across as being brash or angry

Going into Dazes and daydreams-They are actually sensing and recieving messages from higher powers .

Seeings ghosts,spirits,angels or hearing these higher beings .

Love of being outside and will fight if told to come back in .

However many are being disagnosed with ADHD or ADD as their parents and the establishment seemingly think that they are hyper and will easily hand parents tablets that are 'class 2 drugs' which is the same class as 'cocaine' to dampen down their moods -unfortunately once medicated Indigos will loose their interest in beauty and their origional path in life .

I you feel your child is an indigo then the best treatment is to let your child openly talk about what they like and see ,don't automatically put it down to imagination or nonsense , Get your child involved in activities such as rock painting and handling crystals You will find they automatically will know what they are for .


The second set of human 'angels' are the CRYSTAL children these children where born from around 1998-present ,The crystals are highly evolved and are hear to get us back on track ,Crystals may seems different from other children and are automatically classed as having AUTISM ,When a child has autism they have trouble giving or recieving any form of affection such as kisses and cuddles , This is not the case for crystal children ,

These children lov being kissed and cuddled and will do so off their own back ,they hate arguments and will clamp their hands over their ears or try to get in between the persons who ar arguing to stop it , They also tend to love nature also and most parents find they have a kinship with animals , Many are also late talkers sometimes now speaking verbaly until the age of five ,although they do understand and can speak to their parents easily without opening their mouths .

Crystals are clever and act as though they are wise beyond their years may being described as adults in childrens bodies ,

Here is some traits of the Crystal children

-Daydreams or laughs at 'nothing'

-Walks,Talks and potty trains later than most children

-Tends to not like chocolate or processed foods and likes to eat little and often

-will randomly hug or kiss those in need

-Has an angelic face and big soulful eyes more so than most babies

Crystal children are hear to change our though process and to teach us to care or others and other living beings and the world we stay in . These changes if taken notice of will be the biggest things that we can put into action now in order to save our lives and the lives of our children .

It is estimated that the world may come to an end by the year 2030 . How old will yur children be by then?

If you wish to find out more about indigos and crystal children please simply email me

or search the web as their are many websites that can give you a vast amount of information .


Please read all about the crystals and indigo's before you decide to medicate your children on drugs that are akin to cocaine . x

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