Indoor and Outdoor Games : A Buying Guide

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Children and adults alike love playing games. Whether you are looking for garden games of ones for the house, it is important to choose carefully.

Start by thinking who will play the game. If the game is for a child, will they grow out of it quickly and therefore waste your money? Children love being inventive, so avoid a game which has limited appeal or can only be used for one thing.

Choose a game which has a wide appeal and will hold the attention span of the child for more that a few minutes. There is nothing worse than giving a child a present in a Christmas stocking and finding they are bored with it before breakfast.

Check when looking at items on eBay that they are a good quality make. Games, especially for children, must carry the CE mark in order to be legal in the United Kingdom. Games bought from outside the UK may not meet local regulations.

Adults love games as well – it brings out the child in us! Secretly, we all love to play games, but as with children, they need to be appropriate for the individual.

On eBay, check the main “Toys and Games” category, but don’t overlook outdoor games in the “Home and Garden” area.

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Guide by Nigel Peacock from Buchanan Europe. Discover games in our shop.


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