Industrial Calibrator Buying Guide

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Industrial Calibrator Buying Guide

Most industrial sensors and instruments have certain accuracy requirements. They must always be accurate to within a set range in order to comply with industry regulations. Industrial calibrators gauge the accuracy of these instruments and adjust them if they are not sufficiently accurate. Before purchasing an industrial calibrator, buyers should understand the types that are available.


Industrial Temperature Calibrators

Industrial temperature calibrators are used for temperature sensors in thermometers and temperature gauges. A blackbody device calibrates infrared pyrometers. It has a target plate that the user heats to a specific temperature. The infrared pyrometer reads this temperature and the user compares this reading to the actual temperature of the plate, adjusting the pyrometer, if necessary. A block calibrator is another common temperature calibrator used for probes. It consists of a metal block that the user heats to a specific temperature. The user then inserts the temperature probe into the block and compares the reading with the actual temperature and adjusts the probe, if necessary.


Industrial Pressure Calibrators

Industrial pressure calibrators are used for pressure sensors in gauges that monitor the amount of pressure in tanks that hold air, water, or fuel. The accuracy of these gauges is important, because tanks with pressures that are too high become dangerous and unstable. Most industrial pressure calibrators work with air pressure sensors, in addition to fuel pressure sensors. These calibrators have a chamber that the user adjusts to a specific pressure. The user then places the sensor in the chamber, compares the reading with the actual pressure, and adjusts the sensor accordingly.


Industrial Combination Pressure and Temperature Calibrators

Industrial pressure and temperature calibrators are a single device used for temperature and pressure sensors. They are ideal for businesses that have a wide variety of industrial equipment. They are typically less expensive than buying temperature and pressure calibrators separately.


Popular Brands of Industrial Calibrators

Omega makes blackbody and block temperature calibrators, but not pressure models. AMETEK makes pressure and temperature calibrators that are accurate and durable. Fluke makes temperature, pressure, and combination calibrators.

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