Info about Mitsubishi Legnum/ Galant VR4's

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Below is some basic facts about the Mitsubishi Legnum /Galant VR4 , more indepth info can be gained from

The 8g VR4 was released in 1996 and had 260 bhp for the Auto and 280bhp for manual this era is called a pre-facelift , during mid 1998 the model was uplifted to the facelift model which had 280bhp on both models

If anyone claims that by adding a air filter that it gives you an extra 20/40 bhp then this is not true infact these have been known to reduce power due to the high heat levels within the engine bay

a simple way to spot the difference between a pre and post facelift is the front bumper , the pre facelift has sinlge foglights in the lower parts of the bumpers whereas the post facelift has a double front fog light .

If  you look at a late 98 or newer model and it has a pre-facelift bumper then the chances are that this has been replaced and the workshop has repiared it with the wrong bumper .

Ralliart imported around 200 models into the uk during 99->02  other than these 200 the rest of vr4's in the UK are imports direct from Japan . Due to the new DVLA rules it is no longer possible to bring in cars that are younger than 10 yrs old unless there is a Model report which for the VR4 there is no report available ....

For more info about the VR4 including performance upgrades , general maintance etc then please do drop by at
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