Info on a Bertini Pram/pushchair with toddler seat

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Like many women out there, I have become a 'pramaholic', and was always looking for the next best thing, HOWEVER, that's all come to an end now as I've got the perfect solution.


When my 2 1/2 year old was born, I bought a M&P Pliko travel system with the Navetta carrycot (incl car kit).  I thought it was fantastic as it all fitted in the car neatly (I had a Red soft top MGF !!) except for the Navetta carrycot.   Then my husband bought a very sensible Piccasso, and the baby was able to travel in the Navetta, completely flat. On top of that, we often stayed at my Mother-In-Laws caravan so my son would quite happily sleep in the Navetta, plus it was great to 'click' onto the Pliko and go for walks and it felt like a 'real' pram (which I secretly always wanted).  I then spent the next two years buying and selling other big bouncy prams to satisfy my needs but never felt I had the right one (all this time, the Pliko remains in the boot of the car for shopping trips and holidays etc - so well worth the dosh).


THEN I found the pram of my dreams - the BERTINI BIDWELL 905 which has some of the most remarkable features. 

Our second son came along in Janaury this year, and there I was struggling up the hill to Play School one morning with a fed up 2 year old who wouldn't stand on the buggy board & wanted to sit in the pram with the baby, when I saw this woman pushing a lovely big pram with a toddler seat on top, I accosted this woman (poor thing, she must have thought I was demented!) in the pouring rain and asked a thousand questions cos I was so impressed.


Anyway, 3 weeks later, my new pram is delivered, all the wheels move - so it's a four wheel drive which is great for going round corners or trying to negotiate an obstruction like scaffolding for instance!  You can also, at the click of a bar have the wheels 'set' just like an ordinary pram.


Plus it came with a matching Toddler Seat that is so simple to put on it's untrue.  The Toddler seat has a five point harness, the seat is very padded, it also has a padded bumper bar, plus a foot rest.  When the Toddler Seat is fitted onto the pram the baby can lie in two positions, flat or at a slight angle.


On top of this, it came with two raincovers (one for just the pram & one for when the Toddler Seat is fitted to cover both children).  The pram lies totally flat & comes with a matching footmuff that is reversible and also turns into a buggy liner - and very very padded (& shower proof), it also comes with a boot cover (when this is fitted on, it gives the appearence of a 'real' pram).  The pram can be forward or rearward facing - but I love my boys facing me so we can chat about the world!


I can not praise this pram enough - it is bulky and I wouldn't reccommend it for someone who travels a lot by car, this is a walking pram to do your daily shopping and school run etc, it's a real head turner and a pleasure to push.  I can honestly say I've had both the children in/on the pram, pushed it with one hand and taken the dog for a walk with the other because it really is that easy to push and just glides around corners.


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