Insense and their meanings.

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Vanilla is a good general incense to burn to represent the element of air.  Vanilla is associated with mental thought and intelligence.  The incense is a good choice to burn for deities that are typically looked upon as being concerned with intelligence, like Hermes or Thoth.
Sandalwood - Sandalwood is fire and water associative. Sandalwood is a divine wood. Because of this Sandalwood is a good incense to burn for any deity, and it’s also a good incense to use to purify an area.
Rose – Rose is associated with love, sex, and desire. It’s a good incense to burn to deities that are associated with love, like Venus and Aphrodite.
Patchouli has a strong smell and can be used to mask smells of other things, which is its primary usage. It’s considered happy or joy associative.
Nag Champa - Nag Champa is a sacred incense that has a blend of Sandalwood. Nag Champa can be burned for many of the same reasons as Sandalwood. It can be used to purify an area. It’s also a good general purpose incense for spiritual matters. This includes acts like meditation.
Musk – Musk is Earth associative. It’s a good incense for restoring balance and order, realigning ones energies and creating protections.
Lotus - Generally associated with mental clarity, increased focus, and heightened intelligence. Because of these properties Lotus is often seen as ideal for meditation.
Lavender - Lavender promotes beauty. It is a good incense to burn during romantic situations. It can help with relaxation and sleep.
Jasmine -  Although Jasmine is associated with love, it is not associated with sex, although it is associated with beauty. This is where Jasmine starts to differentiate itself from Rose. Jasmine is more concerned with the mental and emotional connections. Jasmine a very good incense to promote friendship.
Frankincense is a popular scent and it promotes calm and peace. It’s commonly used to relieve stress and anxiety. In all instances, the purpose of frankincense is to end any conflict or tension and bring about a state of peace and calm. Because of its nature frankincense is often used as both a general incense for religious rituals and as an aid for meditation. Frankincense is also believed to have many healing properties, and these are related to relieving conflicts and stresses within ones body which lead to illness.
Amber - Represents both knowledge and history. Amber is good for meditations in which you’re seeking to discover information.

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