Instant stress buster

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A quick stress buster technique which is really effective is a well known yoga breathing technique where you breathe through alternate nostrils. It works and quickly!!  It slows the heart rate and reduces stress and anxiety.

Cover the right nostril with a finger and breathe in deeply and slowly through the left nostril.  Take the finger off the right nostril and put it on the left one, then breathe out slowly through the right one, and take another deep breath in.  Then swap nostrils. 


To summarise

Breathe in through left

Breathe out through right

Breathe in through right

Breathe out through left

Breathe in through left and so on. 

Repeat as many times as you need.


Another useful technique is slowing the breath right down so you are only breathing 6-8 times a minute but deeply and slowly (compared to 12 times a minute normally, and up to 40 times a minute when hyperventilating).  This brings stress levels down, and try breathing from your abdomen and not the upper chest.  Aim for five minutes a day of this type of breathing which will enable you to experience deep relaxation.  You could then combine this with meditation by simply observing and focussing on the breath.

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