Instructions for fitting self adhesive vinyl lettering

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Here are the Instructions for fitting self adhesive vinyl lettering or graphics

The tools you will require are:

Plastic squeegee or a soft cloth with 2 credit card inside

Masking tape

Soft cloth

Cleaning solution (No spirits or corrosive cleaners

Your vinyl lettering/graphic sheet will have 3 separate layers these are:

a) Top layer is the application film/tape 

b) Middle layer is your vinyl lettering or graphics

c) Bottom layer is the release paper

1.   Please make sure that you clean the surface you are applying it to thoroughly removing any traces oil or grease.

2.   With your squeegee smooth out the film to remove out any excess air bubbles.

3.   You can now position your sticker to the surface of fixture using a piece of masking tape at the top in the middle.

4.   Working from the top left remove the corner of the release paper then using the squeegee slowly smooth the application film onto the surface whilst moving the release paper down and across to the right.

5.   Once all the release paper has been removed smooth down all over the sticker sheet to remove any bubbles, pierce with a  needle if you see any then smoothing over with a squeegee.

6.   Now carefully remove the application film making sure no letters are coming away.

7.  Stand back and admire your finished pre-spaced lettering.

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