Insuring motorcycles, new and old!

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Hello and welcome to my guide on Motorcycle insurance, intended for people who are a bit unsure which motorcycle will suit there taste, desire for power, vanity and most importantly, wallets!

First of all, we'll cover motorcycles which are expensive to insure!

1: Most sports type bikes, due to power output and probability of an accident, the 400cc 4 strokes and 250cc 2 strokes of yesteryear were terrible for it, unless your sportsbike is very old, it is going to be expensive to insure, although additional security for these bikes will help reduce the quote, especially for the Honda CBR 600RR, the most stolen motorcycle a few years ago.

Note : The GSXR 750 slabside is still powerful, but due to it's age, it's classified as a classic, and therefore cheaper to insure

2: Off road / Crossers, this is due to there likeliness for being stolen, off road bikes are a favourite for young bike thieves for obvious reasons.

3: Scooters / Mopeds, I know, sounds silly, but this is true if you live in a city, ease of theft is the main problem.

4: Imports, Rareness is the problem, lack of available parts is what hurts these bikes!

Now, motorcycles that are cheaper to insure than you might think!

1: 500cc to 650cc commuters / roadsters, power output is not far off there super sport cousins, they are common, there isn't much chance of them being stolen, especially true of the older models, there easy to get parts for and to repair, youngsters won't steal them because they can't ride them, no expensive fairings to replace either.

Note : there is such a price difference between sport and non sport motorcycles, that you can have a bigger engined non sport over a smaller engined super sport and it will still be cheaper, example I heard of, A Suzuki bandit 1200 would typically be cheaper to insure than a similarly valued GSXR 600, I kid you not, and guess which one is more powerful and faster!

2: 125cc motorcycles over 125cc scooters, main reason being theft, a scooter can be ridden by any thief with half a brain, motorcycles are harder to ride by there very design, this rule does not apply for sports 2 stroke 125cc bikes like the Aprilia RS125

3: Cruisers (except Harley Davidson), they may look nice, but for there engine size most are underpowered compared to regular motorcycles, there sheer size and poor handling character make them difficult to steal, they are also a bit of an acquired taste, where as most people like sportsbikes, most people are not that keen on owning a cruiser, unless ride comfort is high on the priority list!

4: Sports tourers, sounds odd, but it's true, this is due to the average age of the riders.

This is only a short guide, I hope this has given you some insight.

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