Intermediate Bass Drum Pedals

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This guide is focusing on the customer who buys their first bass drum pedal as an upgrade to a beginner kit.  Often the kit remains in possession but item such as pedals are bought as upgrades.  In essence this guide is aimed at intermediate level bass drum pedals.

When buying a decent pedal for the first time there are a number of considerations.

  • Budget
    Parts availability

Often with pedals the simplest designs are best!  For instance many Sonor pedals are very simple with little adjustment but are well made and will serve well for many years. 

Various functions may include:

Spurs at the front of the pedal to prevent slipping.
Spring tension
Rake of the beater e.g. adjustment of the angle of the beater from the skin/head
Weights to balance the beater head and improve playability
Clever ways of attaching to the bass drum hoop
Adjustable footplate angles
Different beater heads or beater that have heads that turn giving different surfaces.  Pearl innovated this idea many years ago
Single spring or twin spring
Ingle chain or double
Chain or belt drive

Often these functions are personal and the pedal needs to be tried to make the decision; the rule is; “Buy the one that feels right for you.”

When choosing a pedal the level of specification is important. Paying money for clever ways of attaching the pedal to the drum may be considered to be unnecessary!  However the quality of the action may not!! You decide!

I recommend a smooth action that has a weight (the amount of energy needed to press the footplate) you are happy with.  These two considerations will give a comfortable feel to the pedal.

Many spare parts are tricky to source.  With most pedals after-market springs are readily available.  However things such as bearings or bolts are not! Always ask at the shop about spares.  The more of the budget that is spent on well designed quality components the less trouble this will cause 

Models to consider:

Pearl P-1000
Tama Camco
Mapex P-550
Tama Iron Cobra (Junior model)


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