International Buyers & the difference in currency rates

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Most of the times, my customers are aware that there can be a huge difference between English Pounds and the American Dollar.

Those who aren't sure, usually have the foresight to look at the latest curency exchange before making International purchases.

Then there are those who go blindly into a purchase, get their item, and their bill and see that they have paid $40.00 (give or take a few dollars and cents)  for a £20.00 purchase.

I'm not a mind reader and unless the Customer asks me before their purchase about exchange rates, how can I know they don't know what they are? 

Those who purchase without researching are a bit shocked to see the difference when the bill arrives. Then instead of giving proper feedback for prompt delivery, the item being as described, and postage being more than fair (most times I take up the extra cost)  the  buyer leaves NEUTRAL feedback because the currency exchange rates were too high!

Sometimes I really wonder if they had a brain malfunction that caused them to lose common sense. 

It is NOT the seller's fault for the exchange rates!  In fact so many sellers bend over backwards to help alleviate these costs by discounting some of the cost or postage, sometimes both.

Chalk it up to one of the downsides of selling to International Buyers.


Easy enough to Google currency exchange rates that are up to date.

Thank goodness for the intelligent buyer who does ask about exchange rates.


Most times the International Buyers are brilliant and in full understanding of these exchange rates, but it's that tiny majority that make a seller think twice about selling again internationally. If we stop, we may lose that one fantastic buyer who doesn't leave unfair ratings and can be the best buyer we've ever had.

Connundrum, connundrum.

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