International Tractor Parts Buying Guide

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International Tractor Parts Buying Guide

Although International Harvester tractors were first built in the 1920s and ceased production in the 1980s, they still continue to serve as important pieces of equipment on many farms. Some farmers purchase vintage machines and restore them to their former glory. Fixing an International tractor no longer in production is a challenge because it is not always easy to find replacement parts, but you can find the parts you need with some effort.


Find Out the International Tractor Model and Age

Before shopping or making any decisions, you must first determine the age and model of the tractor. This makes a big difference when purchasing parts. Newer tractors are easier because the information is usually in a clear location, and the owner may even have the manual. Older tractors are a bit trickier. The model number usually consists of letters and numbers and is sometimes on the side of the tractor. Model numbers start with A, B, C, H, or M. The serial number stamped on an aluminium plate usually identifies the age. The plate is usually on the right side of the steering housing. If it is not there, it may be on the cylinder block, close to where the oil goes into the engine. Owners can look up serial numbers in an International Harvester database to find the tractor's year of production.


New International Tractor Parts

It is not always possible to find new tractor parts for vintage models. Occasionally, a seller has access to new OEM parts that were never used or sold. These parts are the most expensive because of their rarity. In other cases, companies make compatible replacement parts for tractors of various brands.


Used International Tractor Parts

Purchasing used parts taken from a non-working vintage tractor is another option. With this method, it is sometimes tricky to verify the condition of the part and make sure it is in working order. Some parts, such as brake pads, do not hold up well with lack of use. Something like a fender, on the other hand, is a great find if it only has a few dents and some rust.


Restore Existing International Tractor Parts

The last option is to repair the existing parts, if possible. With some special tools, such as a sandblaster, fresh paint, rust inhibitor, or a dent puller, owners can sometimes work magic and eliminate the need to shop for replacement parts.

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