International Velvet *Bootlegs*

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hi, my girlfriend loves this movie but as yet it hasn't been released on DVD.

i tried buying it on VHS from an ebayer & was sent a rather good pirate copy.... until you take the artwork out of the case that is & find it's printed on A4 be honest i didn't even watch it, i took it straight to the police. i had a full refund because i kicked up to paypal,

basically this guide is just a warning about bogus/ pirate/ bootlegs/ copies.

always check the feedback, 9 times out of ten the so called RARE video have been sold a number of times along with other so called rare video's, to unsuspecting ebayers who don't know they've been had.

before you buy International Velvet or the double vhs with National Velvet ask the seller to confirm it is not a copy, if you get no response.... they are fakes.

also another alarming thing i noticed was the ebayers in question have had negative feedback about the pirate vhs removed, due to non-payment.......whether there is a way to log a pay pal dispute AFTER a refund has been given i'm not sure, but it seems you can! 

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