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Hi there ebayers!

This guide is for both ebay buyers and sellers.

I have been trading over the internet including ebay for the past 5 years and i have to say, like everyone i have made many mistakes and learnt from them. One of the easiest ways to make money is to deal with counterfiet products. This means that factories are making products which look exactly like expensive products made by manufactuers (philips, sony, panasonic etc).....So they would first create an exact copy of a genuine product (but made with cheap materials and no thought) and apply the real brand logo illegally!

Now in the UK, obviuously this is purely illegal and such owners would get sued millions (by the copyright law), the reason why such fake products are produced is because under such lands the governments do not enforce such laws and do not take action against such crime, as long as it boosts their economy they don't really mind!  But these fake product are being vastly imported into the UK.

Many international wholesalers name their product as the brand but really it is another way of saying that it is "like" the original. That is how pitch their sales and many buyers get fooled! When enquiring a product from a wholesaler, make sure that you double check with the wholesaler that the products are ORIGINAL/GENUINE branded and also ask if they have a; valid warranty and a money back guarantee.

Now some people buy fake products and never realise that they just got ripped off and just aren't aware, so they would move on, but really such products aren't made to last as long. But they still get charged the price for the original

You can check if your product is genuine by:

  • Check the packaging (is it easy sealeable or has been it properly sealed like retail versions)

  • Check the serial number (is it unique , you can contact the "supposed" manufactuer)

  • Check to see if you have valid warranty card (it will look unique and professional)

  • Check the performance (is it exactly as described on the packaging, does it have slight faults)

There are more tests required on different products.

I will say one thing!......If a product is too cheap to be true..don't buy it unless you properly absorb this guide and apply your knowledge.

If you have any queries/question regarding this guide OR would like me to investigate a wholesale source, just simply contact me through ebay or you can contact me directly on 077 258 373 14

Good Luck!

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