International trading how to trade safely securely

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International trading

A lot of people are put off tradeing with countries outside the EU

Why well they think what if i get ripped off who do i go to

Well who do you go to in this country

the police not interested

paypal not interested by time they get round to your claim the money will be gone and you will get a email saying something like "we have decided the claim on your behalf but there are no funds in the other persons ccount but hey if they ever pay any in we will return it to you ...Fat Chance

How about ebay well guess what they will not help you how does it go "your on your own kid"

I'm not trying to scare you but these are the facts

Lets face it you have as much chance of being ripped of in your own country as you do by any other so it might aswell be for less money

buying from say hong kong will save you a fortune even with import duties which on most smaller items you won't even have to pay that the price is so low you could even start selling items on here 2nd income hey go deeper a full time income

how do powersellers do it how do they source goods well start with ebay china and the like


it is all there i made power seller in 3 mths not for total items but total sales the amount of money  means i rise a level every month i started with £85 i now take more than 20 times that a month

get that toe in the water before you miss out just check the sellers feedback do they sell regular amounts of what your looking for also look for feedback from other english buyers so you know if they deliver on time the quality of there stock this is all common sense really


Good Luck and may it be a great start

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