Invest with Ebay

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If your like me, you can't seem to save money and even the loose change jar gets raided now and then. This guide is intend to show how ebay can help with this problem.

The problem with saving is that its so often detached from the real world. It's difficult to see those numbers or bits of paper as anything but numbers and bits of paper.

I recently started a business and found myself running it like my life. Every penny gets spent. Then I began to remember all those wise people who told me if you want to get ahead you must invest. I'll invest in the business I thought! yer right! thats crap unless your talking serious money, all I had was a few quid a week.

After much delibaration I decided to invest money buying something which appreciates in value but requires little investment. What, I didn't know. Finally in desparation I looked at all those crap get rich scemes on ebay and while searching I saw an old 10 bob note for sale for a couple of quid. Thats got to go up in value and it's cheap so I brought it.

8 months on, I've got a new hobby collecting bank notes. My collection must be worth over £1500 now and I've got no intention of cashing in. Infact I can't wait for spare cash now so that I can indulge my new hobby further. I don't even think about saving money now, my problem is tring to cerb the amount I spend on saving money.

You may not be turned on by bank note but if you look around on ebay you'll find something I'm sure.




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