Investing In Silver

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Hello. This is a guide I decided to make to assist people who are thinking about investing in silver. To start off, I must say you have made the right choice. The worlds silver deposites are said to be in rapid decline as mines are drying up, thus forcing up demand, and forcing up the cost. It  is the basic Economic issui, Limited recources, Unlimeted wants. Silver is at a low in the price market selling for little over an ounce for £10 and when people REALLY start realising that it is becoming more expensive everyday, the price is going to go through the roof, which brings me back to the first point which was the more demand, the higher price, and less supply effects the price even more. When the price starts going up, then there is a rush to buy it, forcing mines to double and even triple labour, wearing away silver deposits faster, causing the price to go nup.


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