Investing in Silver.

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With silver and gold prices increasing by the day is now really the time to invest? The answer is yes and this guide shows you how to invest.


As you may be aware the price of silver has rocketed in recent years, infact it has outpaced the return on cash, property, land, leading stock markets and gold! Lets discuss the reasons why silver is being seen as an investment opportunity......

1. Silver is a precious metal that is finite, when its gone its gone. Silver is three times more scarce than gold.

2. Silver is used heavily in technology. Consider your mobile phone, laptop, games consule, television, tablet, all contain silver. The average mobile phone contains 5 chips, in 2 years this figure is going to be closer to 8, with all chips containing silver. With markets growing faster than ever in developing countries silver supply is being squeezed pushing prices higher.

3. Silver has healing qualities and is used in bandages and medical fields. There is no alternative so demand will remain high, growing in Third World countries as medical services improve.

4. In an uncertain World silver is safer than cash. No matter how many banks fail or countries default on their debt, silver will always hold a value. With war and terrorism part of our every day life the flight to silver is a flight to safety.

5. Investing in silver enables people to diversify their investment portfolio. Silver can sit alongside shares, property and cash as an investment.


So how do you invest?

Our top tip is drip feed funds in, which will smooth over fluctuations in silver prices. For example in month one invest £1000, month two invest £1000 and so on........... The beauty is no matter how much or how little you have to invest there are always affordable ways to start investing in silver.

1 oz coins offer a cheap and affordable way to start collecting.



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