Investing in Silver Bullion for UK & EU Investors

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Investing in Silver Bullion for UK & EU Investors

VAT on Physical Silver
Although investment gold can be bought exempt from VAT in the UK and EU, the same does not apply to silver, platinum or other metals. If you wish to take physical delivery of silver, there is VAT to pay. This page summarises information collated from various pages of our websites in an attempt to explain, clarify and compare what options are available to the UK or EU resident wishing to invest in silver.

    * Futures
      It is possible to buy and sell silver on various commodity markets either for 'spot' or for various future dates. We do not offer commodity broking services.

    * Silver Bars
      It is possible to buy silver bars in various sizes from 5 grams up to 1,000 ounces. The very small sizes are normally made only as collectors or gift items. Large bars are 1,000 ounces, currently we do not actively deal in these, but are in process of setting up this service. We do stock and deal in small bars, 1 kilo being the most popular, but we also offer 5 kilo, half kilo, quarters when available. We cannot usually get enough of these small bars, and find demand from collectors and for gifts takes up most of our supply.

    * Silver Bullion Coins
      Silver bullion coins are more expensive to produce and buy than bars, new ones attract VAT, second-hand supplies are limited, but this is one way for small investors to purchase physical silver bullion. US eagles or Canadian maples are usually the least expensive, but other coins are more attractive.
One ounce coins are the commonest size of bullion coin, but tend to be more expensive, pro rata, than large coins.

    * Second-hand Silver Bullion Coins
      If these come to us from private (non-VAT registered) sellers, then we can resell them without charging VAT, except on our margin, but supplies of second-hand silver bullion coins are limited.

    * Scrap Silver Coins
      We now make a market in scrap silver coins, but demand has rapidly outstripped supply.

    * Overseas Delivery
      Theoretically, we could arrange to deliver silver bullion to offshore locations, such as the Channel Islands, but in practice, you would need to have a bank or similar which could provide you with storage facilities. We do not have any offshore branches or storage facilities.

    * VAT Registration
      If you are VAT registered, you could purchase them and reclaim the VAT, but would have to recharge it upon sale, but this would neutralise the VAT element. We advise you to check and confirm this with your local VAT office before proceeding with this.

    * VAT Registered Company
      If you have a VAT registered company, the company could purchase them and reclaim the VAT, but would have to recharge it upon sale, but this would neutralise the VAT element. We advise you to check and confirm this with your local VAT office before proceeding with this. In addition, any profits would probably belong to your company, unless you had a contract between you for the company to hold and store the silver on your behalf. You advise that you check and confirm this with your accountant or local tax office before proceeding.

    * Current Best Deal
The best way to invest in silver at any one time may vary. We are always happy to try to give further help and advice.

Spot Silver Prices
There are a number of web sites which give live spot silver prices. Many of these are shown in US dollars only, which is not often much use for British of EU investors. To the best of our knowledge, our web site is the only one to give silver prices in GBP (pounds sterling), and also numerous other currencies. We are not able to provide this service in this page, or to give a link to our site. (Sorry, eBay's rules).

Author & Copyright Notice
Any images shown are our own copyright images. Our text and description is also copyright, Lawrence Chard of Chard Coins.

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