Iphone 3, 3gs or iphone 4's refurbished or new

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I would just thought i would share this with buyers on the iphone's 3, 3gs, or even the new iphone 4.

I recently purchased a new iphone 3gs (or so i thought) i read the description, and he/she stated in the description that it was a replacement phone for their old one, that came with some apple warranty, and with no problems getting it barred or anything like that, i was even getting the ear plugs (not apple) and the charger (again not apple) so i decided to place a bid on this iphone 3gs and won the item, which i was chuffed about, thinking i was getting a new replacement iphone.

Read on ebayer's when i received the iphone, i come to register it with apple as you do, it turned out it was not a replacement phone at all, and that there was no apple warranty, when the guy from apple asked me for the ime number, it turned out to be a refurbished iphone, when i told apple i paid nearly £300.00 for it, they said i had been conned as they kindly put it, they said they never give warranty on any replacement phone's when i looked at this person's feedback they bought all sorts of lcd screens for the 3g, 3gs, digtilizer, screen protector's, i cantacted this person right away, which i got no reply from at all. It was'nt till i thought i would see what he/she were selling, they were selling quite a few of these iphone's locked to orange, vodafone, t-mobile, 02, and yes it was the same description an apple replacement for my old one, what he/she does is buy faulty iphone's 3, 3gs do them up, and hey presto they sell them as brand new, and make nearly £400.00 + a phone, not a bad days work really, especially if you have sold more than 3 in one day, the same the next day.

Also ask the seller for a proper picture's of the iphone and the accesories they are selling, and not a stock photo, especially with people less than 10 feedback, or just decided to join that week. A decent seller will kindly take picture's and upload for you to see, the items.

Apple do replacement phone's but they don't come back with any warranty at all, and they don't give you ear plugs or charger with a usb lead, in the end up i had to explain to paypal what he/she were doing, and i ended up with nothing only a refurbished iphone 3gs that had most likely been faulty but done up as new.

Just becareful on buying any iphone's and always ask for a receipt from the seller about the apple care replacement letter, an honest seller would put it in when the item was sold and why the phone was sent back to apple in the first place.

Trust me i do no has i've had to send my contract iphone 3 back to apple, as it had no signal, and when i got my iphone 3 back, it came back with a letter from apple to tell me why i had to send the iphone back.

I hope this helps you buyer's out, if it does then please vote. Thank you.

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