Iphone 3G 16gb For £392 Cheaper Than Ebay

Like if this guide is helpful

02.co.uk are selling the iphone 3g £10-40 cheaper than ebay.

if you buy from the 02 website or shop you can guarantee yourself it will be delivered.

sometime at warranty or if you would like to take out insurance they ask for proof of purchase.

so if you buy it from 02 its cheaper and it will benefit you.

i dont work for 02 but i want to buy the iphone and saving i thought might aswell let people know they can get it cheaper, and better deals.

if you go to the 02 site you can see what it says. i was going to put the link but ebay said "Guides can only contain links to eBay pages. Please correct this and continue."

and also you get

Each iPhone for Pay & Go includes 12 months unlimited data and Wi-Fi access*

*Unlimited data and Wi-Fi

Data usage whilst roaming not included. Unlimited Wi-Fi is available at any of the 9,500 Wi-Fi hotspots from our partners The Cloud and BT Openzone. Excessive usage policy and full terms apply. At the end of the twelve month free period you will start to be charged £10 per month for the Unlimited Web and Wi-Fi Bolt On. We'll send you a text communication at the end of the twelve month free period to inform you that your free Bolt On is coming to an end and give you advice on how to opt out if required.

you can check it out yourself.

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