Iphone 5s Screen repair.

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Despite being really daunting at first glance, this really is a simple repair. Just remember to be really careful as its more than very easy to rip flexes. im going to run through this with bullet points. pictures to follow.
  • turn off phone.
  • undo the 2 screws at the bottom of the phone.
  • place suction cup on the bottom of the screen. (provided with new LCD).
  • gently lift the LCD from the chassis.
  • once you have a small gap place spudger or pry tool between the chassis and the frame. be very careful at this point the flex for the home button is under there.
  • once the screen is released it is attached by the home button flex. the connection is under a metal plate that needs to pried off. (careful its a springy little sucker, if you don@t catch it you'll be playing find the metal thingy for a bit).
  • unplug the flex and lift and support the LCD. (pivot 90 degrees. DO NOT PULL)
  • you'll see a silver plate with 4 screws in the upper chassis with the flexes going in there. unscrew them keeping note of screw locations as they're all different sizes.
  • remove the plate
  • you now have access to the flexes. undo them and youre done.
  • peel the protective film from the new LCD and its the reverse to reassemble. note the hooks in the top of the LCD. this must go in first or you'll never get it to fit.
*This is a rough guide. please please be careful and keep track of everything. i find drawing a diagram works.
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