Iphone Repair & Refurbishments

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Have you ever noticed that Iphones sell particularly well whether they are in mint condition or otherwise.  This is a quick guide how to maximise your potential sale of an Iphone without breaking the bank.  Firstly most people sell Iphones which are in a poor condition or damaged and this can easily be retified in a short space of time by ordering the oppropriate replacements off Amazon or Ebay.  There are several sharks out there who advertise parts as new when they are frankly refurbished but sooner or later you'll work out which is good or bad.  You can find out how to do the most common repairs everywhere on the Net.  Even if you don't want to sell I know of companies charging £150 for replacing a Iphone screen which costs £15 at the most, almost a 1000% markup on the actual cost of the replacement part.

So use the following steps to optimise your profit.

1. Check to see if it is a routine fixable item Screen, LCD and purchase the item (Tools are usually included with the sale from the supplier.).
2. Make sure that the item is updated with the latest software.
3. Have the Iphone unlocked (If you had a contract with the company which has expired they will usually do this for free or consider Jailbreaking the phone (But only if you know what you are doing))
4. Make sure you have a box with all the accessories (This can add £30 to your sale for a £10 outlay on Ebay).

If you follow those rules you will turn you £70 sale into a more profitable £130 (For a Iphone 3G 8GB) and that is the more basic model.  The profits will be better the more memory or recent the Iphone.

Hope this guide helps people out.
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