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When buying an iphone 3g, 3gs there are a few simple cosmetic features that will never change, even if the iphone has been unlocked or jail broken.
  • Battery compartment is ALWAYS  a sealed unit, the casing will not be removable.
  • Ringer on the side does exactly this and slide's up and down for the on /off  feature. 
    it's not a pressable function.
  • The Apple logo is printed clearly on the back of the phone in white with the official apple logo
  • It will synchronise with i tune but you must have this feature enabled on your i tunes settings on your desktop or laptop
  • The iphone, should you need to, will reboot when the power button and menu key are pressed together.
  • There will always be a sim tray on the top of the phone that can be ejected by the use of a special pin that the iphone comes with. "it looks a little  small tuning fork"
  • If the iphone you purchase is jail broken, be aware that there may well be software changes and possible issues when syncing with i tunes.
  • Usb charger should only connect to the iphone with the logo facing upwards.
  • Be careful with jail broken versions. Apple will not provide any technical help on this type of phone. Buy only if you know what you are doing and be ware of the warranty issues
I hope this guide helps you acquire and original phone and not a knock off. Be safe!!!!! 

NB: A fake iphone will not have any of theses standard features and slight cosmetic changes, usual occurring on the front of the phone in the size of the black strips on the top and bottom.
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