Iphones Quick Do's & dont's UPDATED 20/06/10

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Im writing this quick guide because I just saw the most unbelievable thing for sale on Ebay. This guy is selling "Iphone Sim card removal tools" for £10 EACH and £5 postage. IS HE KIDDING!!!!!!!!! Someone needs to tell him that you can remove the sim card tray with a PAPERCLIP. Please Please Please if your tempted THINK about it first. Anyway here goes.............

DO always check that your buying a GENUINE iphone and not one of these crappy jap imports that LOOKS like an iphone (the CECT something) but trust me it AINT.

DONT be fooled into thinking that just because a periphial works on the iphone (1st gen) that it will work on iphone 3G because more often than not it WONT. I know cuz ihave had both. I think Apple meddled with the connection just enough to make you have to buy new equipment.

DO look around and dont just bid on the first one that takes your fancy. Some people seem to believe they can write their own check with an iphone.

Do be aware of the fact that if you buy an unlocked and jailbroke iphone if you update the software then you will lose the unlock and probably wont be able to use your sim card in it if you are on a different network.

On the subject of Ziphone DONT pay for it. I just got stung by a company called iphoneunlocking to the tune of £22.99 to allow me to download this fantastic unlocking program or theirs only when you download it it AINT theirs its a copy of Ziphone and to add insult to injury its only v2.5. I already have v3.0 and it is FREE but please feel free to donate to Zibri if you have the means. He does a great job and we want him to keep doing it for the iphone 3G.

DO make sure when buying an iphone that it will work in the country you are planning to use it in. There are an awful lot of iphone sales coming from USA at the min and im pretty sure that at least some of the earlier models do NOT work in the UK.

Finally DONT forget 'If it looks to good to be true, it probably isnt true.

Thanks DAVE

20/06/2010 Update...................

For those who have now worked their way up to 3Gs or even still on 3G and even for those who are waiting to get their sticky little mitts on a spanky new iPhone 4 (like ME LOL) ALL of the above still goes. No matter how many companies state that they can UNLOCK your 3Gs 3.1.3 they can only do it if it is on modem firmware 05.11.07 or below. 05.12.01 CAN NOT be carrier unlocked yet. I say yet because the techies at Dev-Team (GOD love them) are working on the unlock and may release it after iOS4 is released but we will have to wait and see. ALL phones up to present (iPhone4 not included) CAN be jailbroke but please do not be fooled into paying £30 or more for this software. Im pretty sure there will also be a jailbreak for iPhone 4 along fairly quickly after it is released but as for a carrier unlock....Well who knows. I personally am selling instructions on how to get LIVE tv on your iPhone and along with this I am giving the files required to Unlock and Jailbreak your iPhone all for 99p and that payment is just because of the fact that i have went to the trouble of collating this information and putting it somewhere easily accessible. Anyone who buys will have a link to my page to download the software which i will update as new software becomes available.

I hope this helps a few more people. DAVE

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