Ipod Shuffle Second Generation

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A very popular present, but now all the more affordable!!

Tesco DVD Rental had a promotion running late last year where signing up for three months of dvd rental earned you a free ipod shuffle - as expected, many people took up this great offer, and as a result, many ipod shuffles are now found on ebay - great news, but be aware - these items retail in the shops for around £50 - many people get caught up in the heat of auction bidding, but you should be able to pick one up for around £30 due to the surplus of these hanging around.

Also beware of many chinese and other ripoffs that look very similar but are not genuine Apple Shuffles. Second generation Ipod Shuffles DO NOT have a USB socket, no matter what the auction seller may say - and all genuine shuffles will be sold with their genuine Apple USB docking station.

So be careful, but have fun - the ipod shuffle is a great cheap MP3 Player that can bring months or years of fun!!

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