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A Guide Irish Political Postcards

As a young lad I was a member of a Orange Order flute band, whilst I have fond memories of those days my views are somewhat more progressive of late.

I still have a keen interest in the history of the Loyal Orders & also the Republican side, this comes out in my collecting of Irish political postcards. I have over the years amassed a collection valued at several thousand pounds. The main stay of this is anti home rule postcards.
There has of late been a series of four UVF postcards from the Ulster Clubs in Portadown these are not original WWI era cards and should not be passed off as genuine. The genuine cards would be worth in the region of £30-£40 each. I have several pre WWII postcards of Orange halls in Scotland & Ireland for a good condition card you should pay no more than £5. Most loyal postcards are of the Anti Home rule campaign these are around the £25 mark for a reasonable condition card. There are several around of Edward Carson speaking to crowds.
The most sought after seem to be of the UVF pre 36th Division & the gunrunners these will sometimes fetch around the £100 mark.
The gem of my collection is an Unionist card written from Church House in Belfast signed 'JC' to a 'Mrs Lowry' these are believed to be James Craig and the wife of an Irish Member of Parliament prior to the King opening parliament.

Vintage Republican postcards tend to be centred around the 1916 uprising and cards depicting this in action & the aftermath fetch around £10 - £20 depending on the condition. Any of the build up to this ie IRA troops drilling are worth £50 +.  Period uprising portraits of Conley, Pierce ect often turn up and a full collection in good condition is worth around £200.
There is a modern collection of the Easter Uprising by a Southern Irish artist on Ebay at the moment that is a lovely addition to an Irish political collection. Whilst the cards are larger than an average card they nicely done.

My collection tends to lean more to the Loyalist anti Home Rule side at the moment but I'm expanding it to the Republican side. I'll update this guide as I do so.

Postcards of this type come from many source's, please check out the vendor before parting with cash. I sometimes buy bulk collections for just a couple of cards so check out my listings at Shugden Antiques for the surplus sold. I also sell antiques, ceramics & glass.

I hope this guide is of help.

Ben @ Shugden Antiques.

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