Iriver H10 6GB MP3 Player

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No, it's not an Ipod, but...

The Iriver H10 is still a great MP3 Player, with more features than the Ipod Nano and Ipod Mini.

Features: The Iriver H10 6GB Version can store 3,000 music tracks. That is 1,500 MP3 files and 1,500 WMA Files. It also has an integrated FM Radio with FM Radio Recorder - you can record on the spot or set your timer so you never miss your favourite Radio programme! As well as FM Radio Recording, it has Voice Recording too. You can also store your favourite Pictures & Photos and Text files. A 260,000 Colour screen also boosts screen quality.

Package Contents: The Iriver H10 6GB comes in four colours - Grey, Silver, Red and Dark Blue. With the player, you usually receive a see-through rubber case which the player snugly fits in to. There is also a USB cord, Sennheiser Headphones and other little extras. Like all "music buddy's", there are lots of optional extras to enhance your MP3 player enjoyment.

Possible Improvements: In SOME cases, the sound quality could be improved and the battery life could also be a bit longer.

The Final Mark: The iriver H10 is a neat and functional player with lots of features, good looks, and it is easy to use and light weight. If you're looking for an MP3 Player but don't want a common Ipod then the Iriver H10 6GB is for you!

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